Thursday, July 27, 2006

What I like and Dont Like about

What I like and don't like about

1. Domain Name: It is very small and easy to remember.
2. Very Good Design Layout. Very simple and easy to navigate.
3. Limited Graphics: Very less gifs are used in It helps to loads faster.
4. Less Advertisements. The good think about is that they have not mixed Advertisements with news like
5. Use of Ajax.
6. Very good Uptime: has maintained very high uptime irrespective of their high traffic.
7. Introduction of "Upcamming Stories" has made somewhat transparent.
8. Broad User base over the different geographical location.
9. blocks the Spammers (users).
10. I just like Digg.

Things I dont like about

1. It is very addictive. I hardly remember the day I haven’t visited from my first visit to it.
2. Top 100 Digg Users Control 56% of Digg's HomePage Content.
3. Spammers use "Upcomming Stories" section for SEO.
4. gives upper hand to US related news.
5. News doesn’t remains on front page for long.
6 Digg users don’t click ads on landing page.
7. Links on front page burn the bandwidth.
8. Digg is lazier in weekends.
9. Not all good news makes it on front page.
10. Doesn’t have revenue sharing advertisement. ;-)

My Recommendation:
Please don’t change.

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